The Notebook

Noah Calhoun

Is a World War II veteran. At age 31 he recindles his first love Allie Nelson after 14 years apart (caused by Allison's mother hiding letters that Noah sent to Allison). He marries Allison and has a very happy life raising a family with her. In his old age he reads a notebook full of stories of there life together to alzheimer strucken Allie. Noah has a stroke that leaves the right side of his body partially dibiatated but still reads to Allie until he dies of cancer and heart disease. (Narrator and Main Character)

Allison Nelson

She comes from a very privillaged family. She spends a summer in her teens with Noah and falls in love with him but their love is halted by her parents disapproval. She never really forgot Noah but she becomes engaged to a man named Lon. Weeks before she is supposed to get married something makes her go back to the town where she fell in love 14 years before, this is where she meets up with Noah again and falls in love all over again. She is torn between Noah and Lon because she doesn't want to hurt Lon but in the end chooses true love and after much struggle with her mother she marries Noah. They live a happy life she becomes a painter and has a family. Until one day she is diagnosed with alzheimers syndrom and her memory fades and she forgets Noah. But he still reads to her everyday in the nursing home until one day shortly before her death she suddenly miraculously remembers Noah.

Lon Hamilton

He is the fiance of Allie Nelson. He is unfortuately caught in the crossfire of true love. He loses Allie because he is to focused on his career and she is in love with Noah.